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Join us weekly to see what came in fresh for the week. We purchase our flowers on auction to get the freshest and best price possible. Our featured products are fresh arrangement made and ready to be delivered same day. If you have a special occasion coming in the future and what a specific flower you can order in advance and I will make sure you get the best price and quality available.

Model Product Image Item Name Price-
F-143 Beautiful Large Mixed Vase Arrangement

Beautiful Large Mixed Vase Arrangement

This is a large mixed arrangement in a glass vase filled with a over abundance of White Lilies, White heavenly scented Stock, Yellow Carnations,...

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FP-4 Lavenders, Purples and Creams

Lavenders, Purples and Creams

This is a beautiful large mixed vase arrangements with Pastel tones with White Roses, Peach Spray Roses, White Mums, Peach and Lavender Carnations,...

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FP-5 Lusious Bright Colors

Lusious Bright Colors

This is a Garden style arrangement designed in a glass vase. The components are a variety of Yellow and Orange Roses, Yellow Protea, Sunflowers,...

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F-145 Sleek and Stylish Vase Arrangement

Sleek and Stylish Vase Arrangement

This is a beautiful tall vase arrangement with 6 large Red Roses,Stargazer Lilies,Pink Yarrow, White Mums, Tropical Foliage and Branches, miniature...

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P-005 Yellow Delight

Yellow Delight

A Beautiful Large Arrangement designed high style in a glass vase arranged with Vibrant Yellow two toned Roses, Sunflowers, Orange spray Roses...

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F-009 Touch of Spring Vase

Touch of Spring Vase

This is an arrangement designed with Pink Lilies, Spider Mums, Pink carnations, Hot Pink Roses, mixed daisies and mixed miniature flowers and...

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FP-1 Basket Garden Centerpiece

Basket Garden Centerpiece

This is a Beautiful pastel mixed arrangement is designed in a wicker basket. The components are a variety of long lasting Mums, Carnations, Daisies...

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FP-2 Beautiful Spring Basket

Beautiful Spring Basket

This is a basket combination style arrangement. There is a variety of Roses, Carnations, Pompoms, mixed miniature flowers and foliage.

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F-001 Contemporary Rose vase Arrangement

Contemporary Rose vase Arrangement

A Mixed Vase Arrangement designed with 2 Red Roses, Tropical Asters and a variety of greenery and flowering fillers in a glass Maroon vase.

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R-133 Simple and Elegant

Simple and Elegant

This is a glass vase filled with bright colors of Orange and Yellow Roses, a variety of Daisies, miniature flowering fillers and greenery.

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