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Artistic Floral Designs by Brenda - Ocean Shores, Wa 360-214-4974

Fresh Flowers and Artificial High Quality Flowers


The one flower set apart from all others to tell a story or reflect a wide range of feelings between people.

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F-0016 Luscious Lavenders and White

Luscious Lavenders and White

This is a mixed arrangement in lavender and white tones designed in a glass vase accented with miniature Lilies and fillers.

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F-0014 Stunning Red Roses and Alstromarium Lilies

Stunning Red Roses and Alstromarium Lilies

This a a mixed arrangement designed with Red Roses and alstromarium lilies in bright colors. It is designed in a glass bud vase with coordinated...

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R-0019 Love of Peach Roses

Love of Peach Roses

This is a beautiful vase of Peach Roses accented with miniature fillers and greenery. There is ribbon cascading from vase.

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R-001 Triple Rose Vase

Triple Rose Vase

3 Beautiful Red Roses in a colorful vase accented with Miniature Flowers and a cascading ribbon

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Fancy Touch of Rose

Fancy Touch of Rose

This is a sweet but simple arrangement with a beautiful Rose accented with a variety of mixed fillers and greenery.

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V-178 Simplicity of Red and White Roses in Vase

Simplicity of Red and White Roses in Vase

This is a fresh arrangement designed with 1 large Red Roses accented with white spray Roses and miniature flowers. Cascading from vase is beautiful...

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